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About us

About us

We are a young start-up, established in 2015, profiting of the experience gained in the marvelous world of marketing in different fields, while serving a diverse range of companies and institutions. Our goal is to make marketing a key component of the business, in order to start a sustainable growth process and satisfy our customers. All consultants at Strategia360 are young and marketing-oriented: they work to meet market demands promptly, creating innovative strategies.

In 4 words: Strategy, Marketing, Organization (Management), Innovation

What we do

What we do

The experience gained in the last 10 years allows our consultants to be reference points to our customers, especially when it comes to discussing and defining a path to pursue or the most favorable strategic marketing actions or communication. They will be calibrated to produce concrete results and profitability to the strategic business plan. Following are just a few examples of what our bread and butter is:

Business Plan
Marketing Plan
Online/offline communication plan
Startup launch
Relaunch of a business, repositioning a product/service
Relaunch of a business, repositioning a product/service through effective and efficient activities
Analysis of competitive contexts
Analysis and assessment of products and services
Launch of promotional campaigns
Analysis of distribution channels and commercial network
Tests for pricing strategies
Analysis of the working environment


We support our clients in identifying their business goals as well as the best and less expensive marketing and communications strategy to perfect the company’s organization.


Why strategia 360?

The added value of Strategia360’s marketing advice relies definitely in supporting our customers, creating a one-to-one, solid partnership, addressing operative emergencies in the short-term, while accompanying the company towards a sustainable development in the medium and long-term. Our marketing advice will consist of a 360-degree analysis, even beyond requests: we will examine all processes and internal activities to come up with organizational inputs aiming at internal marketing. We will act as an outsourcing marketing office, which will support your internal resources on a daily basis, in order to reach greater efficiency and efficacy.

With regards to start-ups and SMEs, our strength relies definitely in our economic competitiveness and our propositive approach, in order to achieve the fixed goals in the shortest time possible. The first phase of analysis will always be free to allow a strategic proposal, appropriate for the client.

Our strengths:

A network of high-level partners



Innovative solutions

Reaction speed

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